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Why Am I Not Receiving Sound Notifications from Auto Refresh Plus?

Sound notifications in Auto Refresh Plus are part of the Page Monitor feature. They only play when a page monitor event, such as a keyword being found or lost, occurs.

To easily configure the "Sound Control" for your extension, you can use the provided shortcut link. This link will take you directly to the general settings page where you can adjust the "Sound Control" feature as needed.

Sound Notifications Settings

If you’re not receiving sound notifications from Auto Refresh Plus, there could be several reasons. Here’s a simple guide to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Avoid "Never Play Sound" Option

Sometimes, you might accidentally select the "Never play sound" option, so make sure this option is not checked in the sound settings.

Verify Custom Sound URL

If you’ve added a custom sound, confirm that the URL for the sound file is still valid and not slow to load. Test the URL in your browser to see if it loads properly and plays the sound.

Check Sound File Length and Audibility

Verify that the sound file is of appropriate length and volume by playing it directly to ensure it’s audible and of sufficient length.

Check Computer Volume Settings

Finally, check your computer’s volume settings to make sure your volume is not muted or too low. Adjust your computer’s volume settings and ensure that the sound is working for other applications.

By following these steps, you can ensure that sound notifications from Auto Refresh Plus work correctly, keeping you informed without any issues.