Refresh Page Automatically
With Page Monitor

Auto Refresh Plus comes in handy to any users who need to perform automatic web pages refresh at certain times easily. It also provides content detection support, which is very useful when you need to find content included in a dynamic web page.

Features overview

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Default Time interval

Set predefined time intervals or your custom time interval

Random Time interval

Automatic refresh page between the defined range

Countdown mode

Perform refresh on a specific page after a certain amount of time has passed

Hard refresh

Reload the page without relying on cached data

Set refresh Numbers

Set how many times you want to refresh the specific webpage

Auto start URLs list

Predefined URLs list and auto start refresh when browser restart

Page Monitor

Get alert when page monitor find or lost your defined keywords

Monitor Anything change

Stay alert when any change occurs on the specific webpage

Advance Monitor

Monitor your changes in webpage's visual or source-code

Predefined Page monitor

Auto Start refresh when page monitor find your keyword during browsing

Auto clicker

Auto click on button or link if monitored keyword or regex has a link


Automatically get notified via push notification and email alert when anything changed


Auto-play a short sound When a notification arrives

Execute Custom script

Execute custom Javascripts on page refresh, or on-page monitor event


Set your custom keyboard shortcuts for Auto refresh plus actions

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