Auto Refresh Plus
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Refresh Predefined URL

The "Refresh Predefined URL" feature of Auto Refresh Plus offers users a convenient method to refresh a specific webpage without the need to manually open it. By adding a URL to this section, users can create a shortcut-like functionality. For instance, if "" is designated as a predefined URL and the user is browsing on "," clicking the extension's action menu and selecting "Start" will initiate the refresh for This feature is particularly beneficial for users who frequently need to refresh a single URL, saving time and streamlining the process. However, it's essential to note that users who require refreshes for multiple websites should refrain from configuring this feature, as it will exclusively refresh the predefined URL.
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Configuration of this feature is streamlined through the extension's general settings, making it straightforward to set up and manage. It’s important to note that this setting is not accessible from the extension popup (Browser action menu).

Refresh Predefined URL
Warning: Enabling the "Refresh Predefined URL" feature will limit all auto-refresh functions to the specified URL only that you write in this input. You will not be able to refresh any other URLs when this feature is active.