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How can I configure Auto Refresh Plus for multiple devices?

Auto Refresh Plus (ARP) offers powerful features to manage your extension settings effectively. Whether you want to back up your configurations, share them with others, or sync settings across multiple devices, ARP provides the tools you need. Below are the options available for managing your settings.

Settings Backup

Export Configurations

Exporting configurations allows you to save your customized settings and transfer them to another device. This is also useful for sharing your settings with other ARP users.

Import Configurations

Importing configurations enables you to upload saved settings from another device, ensuring consistency across your devices.

Note: You can also share your settings with any other ARP user.

To easily configure the "Settings Control" for your extension, you can use the provided shortcut link. This link will take you directly to the general settings page where you can adjust the "Settings Control" feature as needed.

Settings Control

Sync Settings With ARP Cloud (Coming Soon)

Syncing your settings with the ARP cloud will automatically synchronize your configurations across all devices.

Create a Free Account: By creating an account, your login and settings will be automatically synced. Any other device you sign in with using the same login details will also have the settings automatically synced.

Settings Profiles

This feature allows you to create different settings profiles, enabling you to switch between various configurations based on your current needs, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

Additionally, you can restrict control for any device to change settings in the cloud. For example, only one admin device can change settings while all other devices will only receive settings.