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10736 votes

Button clicker

Some pages need an XHR refresh instead of a full refresh

Added XHR Refresh (with custom auto click on each Refresh) in version 7.4.6

2412 votes

add delay field

some pages will load mock data, or the homepage before loading the proper queried list. In my case, it's loading a list from the homepage and triggering the "in stock", even though the page doesn't have any. A small delay before the checking starts would solve it for me.
1988 votes

Restart auto refresh feature once target is found/not found

I constantly forget to press start again once the target text is found, and then realize too late that I've had the refresh feature turned off the whole time. Would be great if once the target is found, you can set it to restart automatically. Maybe this can be hacked by opening the page in a new tab--I'll try that.

In Version 7.4.6 we have added support to auto-restart Refresh tasks if it finds or lost the monitored keyword. Depending on your page monitor's settings, it will trigger a notification, email, or bell. This feature is enabled by default from the general extension settings, and it applies to all pages you refresh. If you want to enable it individually from the extension popup, you must disable it from the extension settings page

1355 votes

Notification on every change

Notify whenever there is a change in the webpage instead of just notifying for a specific text.

Added in version 7.4.0
On the browser action popup, in the Page monitor section, you can see the "Monitor Full Page" option

764 votes

Auto Hard Refresh

Rather than just a normal refresh, reload the page without relying on cached data.

Added in version 7.4.0
On the browser action popup, you can enable it in the time interval section

328 votes

Specific Text has Changed

Refresh until "selected" or highlighted text has changed i.e. I would highlight "Sold out" and the page would refresh until that specific line of text has changed.

Added in version 7.4.0
Now you can Monitor find or Loss text on each page.

290 votes

Be able to check both for text being present and for text being absent.

On some pages, I need to look for something like "Out of Stock" to disappear. On others, I need to look for something like "Add to Cart" to appear. I want to be able to monitor both types of pages at the same time.
281 votes

Set the refresh start & end time

Refresh the page during the set period of the day. For example, Reload the page during working hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).
265 votes

Assign Hotkey To Pause/Stop Timer

Assign a key or key combination to pause or stop the timer. Without having to manually click extension popup and click Stop.

Added in version 7.4.0
Set your custom keyboard shortcuts on the extension settings page

220 votes

List of tabs where auto refresh is working

I want a tab in the toolbar menu to see the entire list of tabs where refresh or page monitor is in operation.

In the extension popup (action menu), You can see the list of tabs where refresh tasks are in progress. You can see the timer, switch the tab on click, and suspend the task.

218 votes

Stop refreshing if you click anywhere on the page

If you don't stop the refresh, then you could miss the very opportunity you're trying to catch. Bringing up the popup, along with the cognitive context swap, takes a few seconds. Stopping with a click solves the problem nicely (and also pass the click through to whatever you clicked on).

Added support to Stop refreshing if click anywhere on the page. Auto Refresh Plus will pause the refresh task if the user interacts with the page.

193 votes

Find for multiple text

Like BestBuy, they don't use "add to cart" only. Sometimes they use "see details". It will be very nice to FIND multiple texts at the same time. Thanks.

Added in version 7.4.0
Now multiple text/regex supported, to add another press enter button

113 votes

Set time of day window

Looking for something to be in stock? In-store pickup is only available at certain times of the day. Save some bandwidth by not refreshing outside a certain window of time.
111 votes

Look for whole HTML code for button and not text in it

Many sites using related products bar, which has same button memo "Add to Cart". But these related products has different html code for button, for instance: Product that i am looking for has that HTML code: Related products has: So there is not way to distinguish between these if text "Add to Cart" is used. In previous versions i was able to search for the html code "data-selenium="addToCartButton"" in order to correctly identify needed button.
90 votes

Open Tab Once Target Is Found

Whenever I use the auto-refresher, I have a few tabs open. Every time I hear the alert, it's a guess for me to figure out which tab caused the alert. Please add a feature where it automatically selects and opens the tab!

Added in version 7.4.0
Now it will focus on the tab where it will found target text, also you can click on notification to open the tab

89 votes

auto-start the refreshing of pages i have timers on

Does this work like other refreshers, where I can designate refreshes on certain pages? The extension remembers those pages, so when I go back to them in the future, it always remembers what pages I have refreshes on? It seems to remember what pages I have refreshes on, but I still manually have to hit the 'start button when I go back to those pages, nullifying the reason for this extension. Please add this feature (unless I do not see it because it seems like it certainly must exist). Thanks
88 votes

Improving the Auto Click option

It would be nice to have the option to auto click on a link but without opening a new tab, some links will only work on the same tab.

Added in version 7.4.0
we have improved the Auto click function, but it's not possible to make it perfect for all sites. we have added custom javascript features. if you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript, there’s a lot you can do here. or you can contact us for your automation script

78 votes

To automatically not refresh when working in browser.

When working in a browser window that is actively auto refreshing, sometimes the work you are doing is interrupted by a refresh actions. In some cases causing entries to be lost. The auto refresh add-in should be able to be configured to pause the auto fresh until the window does not have any activity like typing, I have seen other add-ins do this kind of pause action. Thanks,

Feature added In Version 7.4.6, Auto Refresh Plus will pause the refresh task if the user interacts with the page.

74 votes

Auto start page monitor

allow page monitor to automatically monitor pages (autostart) on pages whose URL's are listed in the "Auto Start" Section of setting or pages containing predefined text (on which the auto-refresh works)
70 votes

range of numbers

There should be an alert or notification for those users checking range of numbers, time, date, period, amount, and the like (ex: 1-100; January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2020; $50-$100)
60 votes

Context-menu for adding text to page monitor

it will be easier if you add a feature in Context-menu so the user will select any text on the page and via Context-menu add-in page monitor

Feature added In Version 7.4.6, you can select and add any monitor keyword with your browser context menu

60 votes

Delay on text search & Search text after complete page reloading

An option to delay the text search after the page refresh. I'm trying to refresh a page and search for text currently, but it doesn't show up for a few seconds after the page loads because the page has to search for the information.
55 votes

An OR situation to check for text

I wish I could define multiple strings that I want the monitor to look for and notify if ANY of those is found.
51 votes

Auto start with random interval

When chose Auto start url the refresh start with a random interval of your choice
49 votes

Set Refresh Number

Let us set how many times we want to refresh the page.

Added in version 7.4.0
On the browser action popup, you can configure it in the time interval section

47 votes

i want to be able to find a text with a count

say i want to find a text "challenge" exactly 5 times in a page. not more not less. i would like to have 2 feilds -> 1. Text that i want to search. 2. Number of times that text has to be in the page
43 votes

Refresh from a selected button/link on the page

Ability to select a button or link on the page you are on to enable the refresh. Example, the page I want to refresh has its own search/report parameters and has its own refresh button. If you refresh the whole page using the browser refresh (F5) the search/report resets.
39 votes

Load Links list with auto-refresh on automatically

This will make it easier without having to open tabs one by one to activate auto refresh

Added in version 7.4.0
on extension settings page check Autostart section

39 votes

Restart button in pop-up

Please could you consider adding a 'Start' / 'Restart' / 'Go Again' button to the Notification alert window when a change is detected? Currently, every time a target is lost or found I get the option to Show Tab or Dismiss, it would be great to have one called 'Restart' so I could just click it (at the minute I have to click on the icon in the extension bar and then click start. I would find this very useful.
38 votes

HTML source code

I want the HTML source code to be able to detect alerts, as in previous versions.

Added in version 7.4.0
In the Page monitor section, you can see enable visual and source code monitor

37 votes

Notify if instance of text increases beyond defined threshold

Useful when looking for "Add to basket", but if there are also some items already for sale on the same page. It would be great to be able to trigger notification when, for example "Add to basket" occurs more than 4 times on the page. Some websites have "related items" at the bottom of the page of the thing you are looking at, which result in false positives - as they are usually in stock, when the item you want is not.
34 votes

Refresh using Link or Button on page

Some websites, if you refresh the URL then you have to re-enter information or start over. They tend to offer a button like a search or 'Continue' button (e.g., if you're waiting for a turn to become available). But if you 'refresh' then the initial information you entered is reset and you have to start over.
34 votes

Save "Page Monitor" text

Every time I start the extension, I need to input the Page Monitor text that I want it to stop on. Would be nice if this field remembers what I previously had set up.

Added in version 7.4.0

33 votes

Auto refresh start on chrome start

Option to restart the saved refresh interval when chrome is restarted. The auto reload option does not work for me because I have chrome reload the active pages.

use "Auto start URLs" in extension general settings Auto Refresh Plus will auto-start the page reload function when these URLs are opened in your browser. It also opens all of these URLs when your browser restarts and begins auto-refresh at the desired interval.

32 votes

Text changes to a link

Add the option to trigger when text changes over to a hyperlink (e.g., website has text placeholder that will be updated when their link goes live).
31 votes

Random Interval Time can be save!

When I open Chrome next time, no need to input the Random Interval time every time!

Added in version 7.4.0

30 votes

Default text for page monitor

If you monitoring the same text value every time it would be convenient with a default text setting.

Added in version 7.4.0
on the extension settings page, go to the Page monitor section, You can set default monitoring keywords there. You can also add custom keywords for each website from the extension popup

25 votes

countdown timer also showing on the page

It would be nice if the countdown timer also showed on the page.
22 votes

Search for CSS selector

Allow searching by classes and ids in addition to text

Added in version 7.4.0

22 votes

Your regex matching is ignoring cases even when they're defined in the regex (please fix)

For example: When [A-Z]{3} is used in the regex for this plugin it matches any 3 letter upper cases OR 3 letter lower case letters, when it only should be matching any 3 letter upper cases letters.
21 votes

Delay test

Provide a delay timer after the page refreshes to test for the text. Often times, websites use javascript to swap text. Thus, it would be great to have a small delay to give the javascript a moment to initialize and change anything before the test happens.

we have added custom javascript features. if you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript, there’s a lot you can do here. or you can contact us for your automation script

17 votes

Match non-breaking spaces " "

I am trying to find the target text "Results Found: 1" on my page. This doesn't match for some reason. Checking the source, it uses a non-breaking space: "Results Found: 1". I have tried matching this target text, but I can't seem to get it to work
14 votes

Select element using Xpath

I would like to be able to select an element on a page using it's Xpath. Some buttons on websites aren't being registered by your current detection logic. Xpath, however, does work to detect these elements.

Added in version 7.4.0

14 votes

Link filter

Add functionality where it refreshes through various predefined links rather than just one predefined.

Added in version 7.4.0
on extension settings page check Autostart section

13 votes

CSS Selectors / JS Execution on the page.

Option for CSS selector (or JS execution) to return true/false. For example, I would like to target a button (add to cart) being NOT disabled. So something like: !document.querySelector('button.checkout').disabled When this button is not disabled I would like a notification.

Added in version 7.4.0 we have added custom javascript features. if you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript, there’s a lot you can do here. or you can contact us for your automation script