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Why Am I Seeing "Sorry, you have sent too many requests. Please try again in one hour" ?

If you encounter a message saying "Sorry, you have sent too many requests. Please try again in one hour" while using Auto Refresh Plus (ARP), it’s important to understand the reason behind it. Here’s a detailed explanation to help you resolve this issue:

Understanding the Issue


  • Server-Side Limitations: This message is generated by the website you are trying to refresh, not by the Auto Refresh Plus extension. Websites often have measures in place to prevent excessive requests from being sent in a short period.
  • CAPTCHA and Rate Limiting: Many websites use tools like CAPTCHA or rate limiting to manage the number of requests from users. These measures help protect the website from automated scripts and potential misuse.

Steps to Address the Issue

  1. Wait for the Time Period:

    • As the message suggests, wait for the specified time period (usually one hour) before trying again. This allows the website to reset the request limit for your IP address.
  2. Reduce Refresh Frequency:

    • Open the Auto Refresh Plus and go to the options menu.
    • Adjust the refresh interval to a longer time period. Reducing the frequency of refreshes can help prevent hitting the request limit.
  3. Check Website's Terms of Use:

    • Review the website’s terms of use or usage policy. Some websites may have specific guidelines on how frequently their pages can be refreshed.
  4. Consider Using Different IP:

    • If you frequently encounter this issue, consider using a different network or IP address. This can sometimes bypass the request limit imposed on your current IP.

Additional Information

  • Auto Refresh Plus Limitations: It's important to note that ARP is designed to assist in automatically refreshing web pages, but it cannot override the restrictions imposed by the websites themselves. The message you see is a result of the website’s server-side limitations.

  • Be Mindful of Website Policies: Always be mindful of the policies and terms of service of the websites you are using. Excessive requests can sometimes lead to temporary or permanent bans from the website.

By understanding these points and adjusting your usage accordingly, you can continue to use Auto Refresh Plus effectively without encountering frequent request limit issues.