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Why Isn't the Predefined Text Feature Working in Auto Refresh Plus?

The Predefined Text feature in ARP helps monitor specific text on a webpage, performing actions based on its presence or absence. It is beneficial for tracking changes or updates on a webpage.

Steps to Troubleshoot the Issue

Issue 1: Check Extension Permissions

Ensure ARP has the required permissions to access and retrieve data from websites. Without these permissions, the extension won’t function correctly. To check, open the ARP extension's settings, look for any permission alerts, and ensure the extension can access browsing data and interact with websites.

Issue 2: Verify Text Configuration

Incorrect or incomplete text settings can cause issues. To verify, open the ARP general settings, navigate to the Predefined Text settings, and ensure the entered text exactly matches what appears on the webpage, including capitalization and spacing. For easy configuration, use the following shortcut to access the settings directly:

General Settings - Predefined Text Keywords

Issue 3: Test on Different Websites

Some issues might be specific to certain websites due to their structure or security measures. To test, use the feature on various websites to determine if the problem is site-specific or more general.

Additional Tips

Ensure your refresh intervals are set correctly. Too frequent or too infrequent refreshes might affect text detection. Some websites have dynamic content or JavaScript-loaded content, which might affect text detection. Testing ARP on simpler, static websites can yield better results.

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and resolve issues with the Predefined Text feature in Auto Refresh Plus, ensuring efficient monitoring of webpage changes.