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My changes in the Auto Refresh Plus extension keep resetting

If your changes in the Auto Refresh Plus (ARP) extension keep resetting, it might be due to the type of settings you are adjusting. Here’s a detailed explanation to help you manage your settings effectively:

Settings Type

General Settings

These settings apply to all URLs and remain the same throughout the extension. You can access these settings through the options button in the extension popup, on the Auto Refresh Plus website at the top right, or directly at General settings are ideal for setting default behavior for the entire extension.

Slug-Specific Settings (Free Version)

Changes made within the extension popup apply only to the specific page or slug where they are configured. If you configure settings on one page (slug), they won’t automatically apply to another page. If you notice your settings reset when opening a different page, it’s because each page requires its own configuration.

Entire Website/URL Settings (Premium Version)

In the premium version, you can apply one setting across all pages of a specific website. For example, setting a refresh interval will work the same on all pages of that website. You can still customize settings for individual pages within the same website, allowing different settings for different pages.

Tips for Effective Configuration

  • Check the Version: Ensure you’re aware of whether you’re using the free or premium version of ARP, as this affects the range of settings you can apply.
  • Configure Appropriately: Make sure to adjust settings for each URL or slug as needed. If using the premium version, take advantage of the entire website settings for consistent behavior across pages.

By understanding these distinctions, you can ensure your settings in Auto Refresh Plus are configured correctly and don’t reset unexpectedly.