Auto Refresh Plus
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Set refresh Numbers

The "Set Refresh Numbers" feature of Auto Refresh Plus offers users precise control over how many times a webpage is automatically refreshed. This is particularly useful for scenarios where continuous monitoring is needed but only up to a certain point, such as during limited-time events, flash sales, or when expecting timely updates on a webpage. By setting a specific number of refreshes, you can ensure that the page updates just enough times to capture necessary changes without unnecessary load on your system or the website’s server.

Customize Refresh Numbers from the Extension Popup

To customize the number of refreshes for individual URLs or entire website, click on the Auto Refresh Plus extension icon in your browser toolbar to open the popup menu. In the popup menu, look for the "Set Refresh Numbers" option. Here, you can specify the exact number of times you want the page to refresh.
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By configuring the refresh numbers for specific URLs, you can efficiently manage how often pages are updated, ensuring that you receive timely information without overloading your system or the website’s server.