Auto Refresh Plus
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Random Interval

The "Random Interval" feature of Auto Refresh Plus adds a dynamic edge to how pages are refreshed. Instead of fixed intervals, it allows pages to refresh at random times within a set range, perfect for avoiding detection on sites that track regular refresh patterns. This functionality is especially useful for competitive price monitoring or ensuring that page data remains fresh without a predictable pattern.

Set Up Random Interval from the Extension Popup

To set up the "Random Interval" feature from the extension popup, click on the Auto Refresh Plus extension icon in your browser toolbar to open the popup menu. In the popup menu, look for the "Random Interval" option. Once found, you can set the minimum and maximum range for the random intervals. Enable the feature by toggling it on. This allows you to configure random intervals for a specific URL or the entire website, ensuring each page's refresh settings are perfectly aligned with your needs.
Random Interval.png

Additional Controls from Extension General Settings

Users have the flexibility to enable or disable the "Random Interval" feature via the extension's general settings. To access these settings, open the Auto Refresh Plus extension settings page and navigate to the "Random Interval Settings" section. Here, you can toggle the "Random Interval" feature on or off and set the desired minimum and maximum range for the intervals.
Random Interval - gernal settings.png

To easily configure the "Random Interval" settings for your extension, you can use the provided shortcut link. This link will take you directly to the general settings page where you can adjust the "Random Interval" feature as needed.

General Settings - Random Interval

By using these settings, you can create a more unpredictable refresh pattern, helping to keep your data updated without following a regular schedule.