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Get Alerted via Push Notification and Email

With ARP's push notification feature, you can receive immediate alerts directly on your desktop whenever specific changes occur on the webpages you monitor. This is a key feature and is enabled by default. Below are the settings you can customize to enhance this feature according to your needs:

Push Notifications

When a notification arrives, a short sound will play to alert you. You can customize this setting by turning the sound off or choosing a different sound to play for notifications.

For more details, please follow the given link below which leads you to the general settings right in the Sound Length Settings section:

Sound Playback Settings

By tailoring these settings, you can create a notification system that fits your needs perfectly, ensuring that you are always promptly informed of any significant changes.

Email Notifications

Email notifications provide another layer of alerting, ensuring you stay informed even when you are not actively browsing or near your device. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Verify Your Email: Start by verifying your email address in the ARP general settings. This step is crucial to ensure that notifications are sent to the correct address.

Please follow the given link below which leads you to the general settings right in the email verifications section:

Add Email
  1. Enable Notifications for Specific Pages: From the extension's popup menu, you can enable email notifications for each individual page you want to monitor. This way, you receive an email whenever the page monitor detects or loses specified text. Please see the given screenshot for easy understanding:

This dual alert system of push notifications and emails keeps you well-informed, whether you are at your desk or on the go.